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Yoga Centre

Intimate space inviting relaxation

About the Project

The most suggestive and important aspect of the Yoga centre was to get it of an open-plan terrace located in a penthouse at San Juan beach. To this effect, a metal structure was built to receive the 120 mm sandwich sheet. Another of the premises for this project was soundproofing, given that musicality treatments are performed, for the covering a «Danofol multilayer panel» is used. perforated plate ceilings, which accompany the design and provide the desired isolation. For the floor we have covered with Tatami of various sizes and fitting the cutting, and framed the room with wood. Indirect lighting using spotlights pointing out to the ceiling that create an intimate, pleasant and comfortable space, inviting relaxation, which is all we wanted to achieve.

Centro Yoga Buda
Centro Yoga Buda
Centro Yoga Insonorización
Centro Yoga Luz
Centro Yoga Microcemento
Centro Yoga Relax
Centro Yoga Tatamis
Centro Yoga Baño
Centro Yoga BudaCentro Yoga InsonorizaciónCentro Yoga LuzCentro Yoga MicrocementoCentro Yoga RelaxCentro Yoga TatamisCentro Yoga Baño

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