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Residential Home

Order, simplicity and maximum use of the space

About the Project

Home affected by fire, so it had to be completely demolished and rebuilt. A full intervention is carried out, modifying the original layout of the house. The needs programme consisted in three bedrooms, the master bedroom with ensuite and walk-in closet, bathroom for the children which would also be for guests, office and kitchen integrated in the living room but at the same time independent, thanks to large Iroko wooden doors, and plenty of storage, something that was very important to our client. The range of materials is reduced to the minimum and it unifies spaces. The colour and warmth is achieved with the Iroko wood touches of the cubes, shelves and living room doors, as well as the green of the corridor bathroom. The natural light increases the indoor white and the light fittings elegantly decorate the space, like the light in the corridor, the ceiling or the curtain rods light that highlights the spaces.

Salón Cocina Abierta 2992x1875
Salón Cocina Abierta 2992x1875
Mueble Televisión Salón 2992x1924
Iluminación Salón 3000x1924
Puertas Cristal Decorada 2992x1935
Puertas Correderas Techo 2992x1914
Libreria Cocina Salón 2992x1934
Puertas Correderas Madera 2940x1862
Ventana Oscilobatientes Dormitorio 2992x1995
Entrada Dormitorio Principal 2992x1994
Fuegos Cocina 2992x1995
Cocina Lacada Blanco 2992x1995
Isla Cocina Salón 2992x1826
Cocina Puertas Correderas 2992x1994
Hornacina Baño Principal 3000x1919
Iluminación Led Esquina 2992x1995
Hall Entrada 3000x1962
Suelos Tarima 2988x1917
Armario Lejas 2000x2662
Interiores Armario Corredera 3000x1970
Libreria Salón 2992x1995
Dormitorio Principal 2992x1910
Baño Principal 2992x1995
Dormitorio Principal Led 2992x1941
Dormitorio Niño 3000x1948
Dormitorio Niña 2988x1962
Armario Recibidor 2992x1903
Baño Y Hall Entrada 3000x1912
Armario Baño Verde 2941x1995
Azulejos Espiga 2992x1882
Azulejo Espiga Blanco 1994x2992
Armario Verde Toallas 2992x1954
Armario Puertas Abatibles 3000x1942
Armario Plancha 2992x1922
Salón Cocina Abierta 2992x1875Mueble Televisión Salón 2992x1924Iluminación Salón 3000x1924Puertas Cristal Decorada 2992x1935Puertas Correderas Techo 2992x1914Libreria Cocina Salón 2992x1934Puertas Correderas Madera 2940x1862Ventana Oscilobatientes Dormitorio 2992x1995Entrada Dormitorio Principal 2992x1994Fuegos Cocina 2992x1995Cocina Lacada Blanco 2992x1995Isla Cocina Salón 2992x1826Cocina Puertas Correderas 2992x1994Hornacina Baño Principal 3000x1919Iluminación Led Esquina 2992x1995Hall Entrada 3000x1962Suelos Tarima 2988x1917Armario Lejas 2000x2662Interiores Armario Corredera 3000x1970Libreria Salón 2992x1995Dormitorio Principal 2992x1910Baño Principal 2992x1995Dormitorio Principal Led 2992x1941Dormitorio Niño 3000x1948Dormitorio Niña 2988x1962Armario Recibidor 2992x1903Baño Y Hall Entrada 3000x1912Armario Baño Verde 2941x1995Azulejos Espiga 2992x1882Azulejo Espiga Blanco 1994x2992Armario Verde Toallas 2992x1954Armario Puertas Abatibles 3000x1942Armario Plancha 2992x1922

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