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Cabo Huertas Villa Construction

Construction of a house in Alicante

About the Project

This House, situated in the luxurious neighbourhood of Cabo Huertas, is located in the Mediterranean. It was built in 2011 and comprises two floors, terrace and lower-ground floor. The property is surrounded by a white continuous concrete wall with suggestive curves evoking the sea. The inside is covered with smooth walls, integrated skirting boards and MDF panelling all in a monochrome white. The flooring of the house is polished concreted in the living quarters and upstairs and in the basement, hardwood flooring. In the façade, where the main entrance to the house is located, features the great Iroko wooden door.

In the perpendicular façade, the large windows allow you to enjoy the sun and the views. The minimalist and sober modern aesthetics outside make it possible to imagine the spacious and bright spaces inside. The bedrooms of the house are laid out in a linear manner in the side of the house overlooking the swimming pool.

The house comprises three levels: an open-plan lower-ground floor lighted by means of a sunken courtyard including a gas fireplace dividing the room into living-dining room and play area. Ground floor, comprising the dining-living room, kitchen and office. Upper floor, where we find four bedrooms, two of them with ensuite, shared bathroom and study area. The floating stairs give access to the large terrace where you can gaze at the Mediterranean.

Arquitectura Minimalista
Arquitectura Minimalista
Baño Marmol Blanco
Baradilla Acero
Piscina Verde
Cocina Lacada
Cocina Isla
Dormitorio Libreria
Dormitorio Principal
Escalera Al Aire
Escalera Madera
Escalera Sin Fin
Espacios Diafanos
Espejo Redondeado
Zona Estudio
Marmol Warwich
Piscina Alargada
Dormitiro Ppal Vestidor
Porche Blanco
Placas Solares 1000x750
Lavabo Sobre Encimera 1000x750
Arquitectura MinimalistaBaño Marmol BlancoBaradilla AceroPiscina VerdeCocina LacadaCocina IslaDormitorio LibreriaDormitorio PrincipalEscalera Al AireEscalera MaderaEscalera Sin FinEspacios DiafanosEspejo RedondeadoZona EstudioMarmol WarwichPiscina AlargadaDormitiro Ppal VestidorPorche BlancoPlacas Solares 1000x750Lavabo Sobre Encimera 1000x750

The three floors are connected by means of raised stairs with independent steps fixed to the wall with hard Iroko tread, the same material used to make the front door. A concept that, together with the roof shape, becomes the soul and image of the house.

Follow the project process on this video

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