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San Juan Beach Apartment

Pure forms, clear spaces and neutral colors

About the Project

The purpose of this project was to provide this house with visual amplitude, and give the white color a special role, housing located on the beachfront. An integral intervention will be carried out. Eliminating part of the partition. The white color is the protagonist of the coatings that enhance the natural light that enters through the windows. Combining with natural coatings of white Thassos marble. Creates a fresh and very luminous atmosphere. Highlighting only the countertops in the bathrooms and kitchen in granite Portobello of Levantina in gray color.

Cerramiento Elevable 1632x1224
Cerramiento Elevable 1632x1224
Cocina Cristal 1632x1224
Granito Portobello Cocina 1632x1224
Cocina Peninsula 1632x1224
Cocina Uñero 1632x1224
Cerramiento R.P.T 2000x1500
Bandeja Retroiluminada 1632x1224
Marmol Blanco Tarso Turquia 2000x1500
Zocalo Madera Blanco 2000x1500
Vestidor Lacado Blanco 2000x1500
Puertas Panelada
Plato Ducha Blanco 2000x1500
Dormitorio Cabecero Tapizados 2000x1500
Dormitorio Doble Juvenil Blanco 2000x1500
Dormitorio Infantil Blanco 2000x1500
Escritorio Blanco 2000x1500
Mueble Baño Lacado 1632x1224
Encimera Granito Portobello 2000x1500
Granito Portobello Levantina 2000x1500
Bañó Invitado Marmol 2000x1500
Foseado Perimetral Led 2000x1500
Carpinteria Blanca
Armarios Lacados 2000x1500
Armario Blanco
Cerramiento Elevable 1632x1224Cocina Cristal 1632x1224Granito Portobello Cocina 1632x1224Cocina Peninsula 1632x1224Cocina Uñero 1632x1224Cerramiento R.P.T 2000x1500Bandeja Retroiluminada 1632x1224Marmol Blanco Tarso Turquia 2000x1500Zocalo Madera Blanco 2000x1500Vestidor Lacado Blanco 2000x1500Puertas PaneladaPlato Ducha Blanco 2000x1500Dormitorio Cabecero Tapizados 2000x1500Dormitorio Doble Juvenil Blanco 2000x1500Dormitorio Infantil Blanco 2000x1500Escritorio Blanco 2000x1500Mueble Baño Lacado 1632x1224Encimera Granito Portobello 2000x1500Granito Portobello Levantina 2000x1500Bañó Invitado Marmol 2000x1500Foseado Perimetral Led 2000x1500Carpinteria BlancaArmarios Lacados 2000x1500Armario Blanco

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