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Kitchen renovation and expansion

Colour and quality in the space

About the Project

The aim guiding the renovation of this kitchen was making the most of the space and lighting of the house. It is equipped with custom kitchen furniture. It is divided into two clearly differentiated areas: area of oven towers, fridge and area for coffee and storage; on the other side we have the island. A design of pure lines, with clean and functional finishes. A white lacquered finish was chosen, combined with the worktop material in Warwick Rubi Granite matching the purple glass backsplash.

The main element of the room is the 3 m central island; a compact volume including the cooking area, the water area and storage. Over the island, the hanging steel hood. Around the island, a circular passage with large windows allowing natural light to enter and offering a view of the garden. For the pillar area, a matt white steel handle has been installed, whereas for the island, we preferred the integrated handle.

On the other hand and in contrast with the minimalist line of the furniture, it is broken and makes way for colour and warmth, including wallpapering using vinyl paper with purple touches and a natural lacquered solid wood ledge used for seating. On the floor, the 60×60 grey porcelain tiles unify the atmospheres. In this intervention, we also altered the house staircase by demolishing the 90 masonry wall and replacing it with 6+6 transparent safety glass and 316 steel posts

Cocina Isla Warwick Rubi 1000x750
Cocina Isla Warwick Rubi 1000x750
Cocina Jardin
Escalera Acero Cristal
Frente Cristal Morado
Mesa Comer E Isla
Ojo Escalera 750x1000
Pizarra E Isla Warwick Rubi 1000x750
Poster Acero Escalera Cristal
Revestimiento Porcelanico Y Papel
Vista General Cocina
Zona Cafe Y Almacenaje
Cocina Isla Warwick Rubi 1000x750Cocina JardinEscalera Acero CristalFrente Cristal MoradoMesa Comer E IslaOjo Escalera 750x1000Pizarra E Isla Warwick Rubi 1000x750Poster Acero Escalera CristalRevestimiento Porcelanico Y PapelVista General CocinaZona Cafe Y Almacenaje

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