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Urban Proyectos & Interiorismo

Your renovation and decoration company

Renovations and Interior Design

URBAN PROYECTOS & INTERIORISMO started more than 15 years ago in ALICANTE. Under the trademark URBAN CAPITAL XXI, SL we have carried out several building projects, apartments, houses, garages… as well as renovations and works to open business premises. Under this brand, we continue working in new projects.
Over the years and in the light of the increasing demand we had for renovation works and opening projects we created the trademark URBAN PROYECTOS & INTERIORISMO, with the same work philosophy and always with the motto of quality and reliability that distinguishes us.

The years of experience in home building helped us to surround ourselves with a group of sector professionals, with whom we have worked for many years, offering a comprehensive service to our customers.
Due to our daily work sometimes we cannot devote ourselves to manage a renovation, hire and coordinate trades, buy materials, or deal with licenses, permits,… which even in many cases one person does not know or is not used to carrying out this task.
At URBAN PROYECTOS & INTERIORISMO we manage for you this project you want to carry out. We are a company that provides confidence and security, with all the services and the best professionals, all of them coordinated with each other, so that you «the customer» should not have to worry about any details.

Years of experience
Satisfied customers
Professional services

Interior design projects adapted to our customers

At URBAN PROYECTOS & INTERIORISMO is at your disposal, ensuring the highest quality and the best service, at competitive prices and within the agreed deadline. Given that management and counselling are part of our regular work, to us it is just one more service we provide as part of the work.

Advantages of working with us

Save Time: We handle the renovation while you continue with your daily work.

Make no mistake: If you are not skilled in undertaking renovations, leave that to the professionals.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: We commit to renovate on the deadline and with the qualities agreed.

Rest assured: We take care of solving all legal aspects for the execution of the renovation (permits, licences, etc…).

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How We Work

Study, design and project.

When we contact customers, we pay a visit and there we establish a dialogue, analyse their needs and we have a first exchange of ideas, suggestions, optimization of space and light or possible layouts. This study and later the subsequent project allows us to design a well-defined proposal, detailing materials, layouts and finishes, with rigorous execution deadlines and a real quote to minimize and avoid deviations.


Once we have defined and approved the project, we start executing the work. Firstly, we mark all the tasks that our professionals should perform, both regarding construction and installations, we set the start and end dates, and coordinate everything with a single person.

We thus manage to eliminate downtime and meet the agreed deadlines, especially taking care of qualities of materials and finishes.

End of work and delivery

Before the final delivery to the customer, we make our final checks of finishes, details and operation to ensure that the project specifications were met.

For your renovation to be a success YOU MUST

Always rely on professional and qualified staff.

Have a planning and demand that deadlines are met.

Have a written quote with every item: it will avoid surprises.

Demand Quality and Assurance in the works carried out.

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