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Cabo Huertas house restoration

Located in the cove area of Cabo Huertas

About the Project

Renovation of a semi-detached house. Starting from an existing structure, we wanted to obtain a cube-shaped block with a minimalist style, a chromatic palette by unifying grey as the only colour, but keeping the load-bearing walls made of stone masonry, and strengthened with an exposed metal structure.

In this house located in the cove area of Cabo Huertas, the new layout comprises 2 levels. An open-plan ground floor including the living room, dining room and kitchen and which becomes the most important part of the house, for guests. In the upper level we find two bedrooms with ensuite, both overlooking the sea with large windows covering the whole main façade, made with thermally broken aluminium and safety glass, with solar control and lateral windows for air circulation.

The white and grey of the concrete create an elegant balance, fostered by the natural light that fills the house thanks to the large windows of the main façade that allow you to look at the Mediterranean sea. Black is the colour chosen for the aluminium carpentry. The connection with the construction’s origin and the present is reflected in the preservation and restoration by leaving the load-bearing walls stone exposed.

Acceso Dormitorios 747x1328
Acceso Dormitorios 747x1328
Dormitorio Con Vistas 1160x747
Dormitorio Ppal 1328x747
Escalera Microcemento 747x1328
Escalera Dormitorios
Fachada Microcemento 1328x747
Fijos De Vidrio 1328x747
Muro Carga 1328x747
Muro Mamposteria 1328x747
Acceso Dormitorios 747x1328Dormitorio Con Vistas 1160x747Dormitorio Ppal 1328x747Escalera Microcemento 747x1328Escalera DormitoriosFachada Microcemento 1328x747Fijos De Vidrio 1328x747Muro Carga 1328x747Muro Mamposteria 1328x747

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