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Beach apartment renovation

Have a look at this project carried out at the beach

About the Project

This property, located on the seafront of this strategic enclave which is the Mediterranean, belongs to a 1965 building with no remarkable architectural element. A full intervention is performed; the needs programme consisted in 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, laundry room independent from the kitchen, storage and cupboards. The range of materials is reduced to the minimum and it unifies spaces. The general flooring of the home, natural laminate flooring; in bathrooms and kitchen, rectified porcelain tiles. Giving a touch of colour in the kitchen with flooring that simulated the classics, such as the hydraulic. The rest of the content is a uniform white, except for the doors that separate the kitchen with the decoration of the distressed mirror.

The children’s bathroom in microcement breaks with the pure white of the woodwork and walls of the rest of the house. The Mediterranean light is complemented inside the flat with indoor light fittings, which do not only have a functional purpose, but create ambiances and sensations. The natural light increases the indoor white and the light fittings elegantly decorate the space, like the bathrooms’ recessed light that goes up the wall and ceiling or the curtain rods light that highlights the spaces.

Vigas Celosia Blanco 1496x936
Vigas Celosia Blanco 1496x936
Salon Vigas Vistas 1496x954
Salón Comedor 1470x922
Puertas Correderas Cocina 1496x948
Salón Estructura Metálica 1496x972
Salon Cocina 1496x998
Salón Distribuidor 1496x973
Peninsula Cocina 1496x998
Pasillo Cocina 1496x962
Cocina Neolith 1466x922
Cocina Galería 1496x956
Cocina Frente Cristal 1496x998
Suelo Hidráulico 1496x998
Cocina Con Isla 1496x998
Armario Dormitorio Niá 1496x998
Baño Dormitorio Ppal 1496x964
Armario Recibidor 1500x960
Dormitiro Principal Exterior 1496x959
Dormitiro Verde 1448x906
Dormitorio Juvenil 1496x960
Baño Microcemento Invitados 1496x998
Baño Microcemento 1496x938
Baño Principal 1474x943
Baño Suite 1496x938
Dormitorio Niña 1496x998
Entrada Dormitiros 1496x998
Hall Entrada Baño 1496x997
Mueble Baño 2 Cajones 1494x949
Entrada Vivienda 1496x998
Vigas Celosia Blanco 1496x936Salon Vigas Vistas 1496x954Salón Comedor 1470x922Puertas Correderas Cocina 1496x948Salón Estructura Metálica 1496x972Salon Cocina 1496x998Salón Distribuidor 1496x973Peninsula Cocina 1496x998Pasillo Cocina 1496x962Cocina Neolith 1466x922Cocina Galería 1496x956Cocina Frente Cristal 1496x998Suelo Hidráulico 1496x998Cocina Con Isla 1496x998Armario Dormitorio Niá 1496x998Baño Dormitorio Ppal 1496x964Armario Recibidor 1500x960Dormitiro Principal Exterior 1496x959Dormitiro Verde 1448x906Dormitorio Juvenil 1496x960Baño Microcemento Invitados 1496x998Baño Microcemento 1496x938Baño Principal 1474x943Baño Suite 1496x938Dormitorio Niña 1496x998Entrada Dormitiros 1496x998Hall Entrada Baño 1496x997Mueble Baño 2 Cajones 1494x949Entrada Vivienda 1496x998

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