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Golf Area Penthouse

Finishes that bring out the light

About the Project

Penthouse in a new building, where we participated in the project from the structure. A comprehensive intervention is undertaken, by modifying the layout and its use. The range of materials is reduced to the minimum and it unifies the spaces. The closest bedroom to the master bedroom has been integrated and has become a walk-in closet, but strategically keeping the possibility to divide it again. The house is fully outward-facing, so the sun penetrates into every room. The living room is the most important part of the house; that is why we have integrated the terrace into the home, by means of a large window, which provides spaciousness and brightness.

Pergola Zona Descanso 800x600
Pergola Zona Descanso 800x600
Vista General Salón 800x477
Comedor Abierto 800x491
Comedor Atico 800x600
Sillones Orejeros 800x600
Pergola Iroko 600x800
Pergola Tarima Sintetica 800x600
Esquina Sofas Salón 800x534
Salón Televisión 800x600
Terraza Tumbonas 800x600
Ventanal Escalera 800x600
Salón Ventanal 800x600
Cabecero Cama Apliques 800x600
Carpinteria Baño 800x600
Dormitorio Principal Armario 800x600
Baño Cortesia 800x600
Baño Principal 800x600
Escalera Acero 800x600
Escalera Microcemento 800x600
Jardin Escalera 800x600
Jardin Zen 800x600
Pergola Zona Descanso 800x600Vista General Salón 800x477Comedor Abierto 800x491Comedor Atico 800x600Sillones Orejeros 800x600Pergola Iroko 600x800Pergola Tarima Sintetica 800x600Esquina Sofas Salón 800x534Salón Televisión 800x600Terraza Tumbonas 800x600Ventanal Escalera 800x600Salón Ventanal 800x600Cabecero Cama Apliques 800x600Carpinteria Baño 800x600Dormitorio Principal Armario 800x600Baño Cortesia 800x600Baño Principal 800x600Escalera Acero 800x600Escalera Microcemento 800x600Jardin Escalera 800x600Jardin Zen 800x600

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